About this blog

Tired and Tested.....no it's not a spelling mistake!

Everyone feels tired and tested at times, whether that's through home, work or social life, and we all need something to pick us up.

For some of us that is our hobbies, our friends, partners, animals, or simply pampering ourselves.

As mentioned in my About Me page, I am a 22 year old student with M.E., so I tend to find life particularly tiring and testing!  I decided to set up this blog to review some of the products I find brighten my day.  I know how much I rely on other people trying, testing and reviewing products before I buy them, and thought that I should help provide my views too.

For me, products need to be easy so that I can pamper myself without tiring!  Being a redhead it is sometimes difficult to find products to suit my complexion, I also lean towards sensitive skin, so I tend to have to try a lot to find out what works!

My reviews will be on pretty much anything - I have a huge stash of products, I tend not to follow trends, I just buy and try what I like!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to contact me at tired.tested at gmail.com

Bryony x
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