Monday, 20 February 2012

Nails Inc - The Donmar & Chelsea

You may remember me doing a post on Nails Inc - The Wyndham & Kensington, a beautiful dark teal with a flakie top coat.  Well this is the other duo I bought at the time - Nails Inc The Donmar & Chelsea.  This is also known at The Lily Gossip Girl Collection.

Nails Inc - The Lily Gossip Girl Collection
Left - Chelsea
Right - The Donmar

Nails Inc - Chelsea - One coat

This picture shows one coat of Chelsea.  I took this picture at a patchy one coat, so that you can see that although it looks black, it is actually a blackened red/dark plum.  This is gorgeous at two coats on its own, if you want a vampy look but not using a harsh black.

P.S. excuse my ragged cuticles, winter is not being friendly to my hands!

The picture above shows Chelsea with one coat of the Donmar topcoat.  This is a flakie topcoat/overcoat, where the flakes go from orange to green.  They seem to have come out a lot more sparse than in the Wyndham, but I think that may just be my application!

Aren't the colours beautiful!  I love that more brands are offering flakie polishes now, I don't think it's a trend I can get bored of as they're just so eye catching! What do you think of them?

Nails Inc - The Lily Gossip Girl Collection is available to buy on their website for £20.

Bryony x


  1. Oh wow I love the colours of the sparkles! It's gorgeous! But I definitely can't spend £20 on it :(

    1. Nails Inc have just started selling to topcoats separately on their website, they're £11 each and you can put them over any colours :)


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