Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Boots No. 7 - Totally Teal

Apologies for not posting regularly at the moment, but getting settled into the new-house is taking a lot of time.  I've also had to up my hours at work now that I'm not a student, so I'm finding I'm tired a lot more of the time because of my M.E.

Today's post is a nail varnish I have been wearing for a couple of days now. Boots No. 7 Totally Teal.
This normally sells for £7, but I had a £5 off voucher (the kind they give you at the tills) which meant I got it for £2 - bargain!

No. 7 - Totally Teal

I really struggled to capture the colour of this one - especially as I'm in a new house, so I have yet to find the best place and lighting to do so!
It is a teal colour, but more like a dark forest/pine green with a hint of blue, compared to something like the more blue OPI Ski Teal We Drop.

It's a nice creme nail varnish, very glossy, easily opaque in two coats, and really easy to apply.  I think the easy application is partly down to the formula and partly down to the super-wide, flat brush, which allows application in one or two strokes!

The nail varnish wore really well, with no wear or chipping which was impressive.  It only started to come off when I went swimming - but so do most nail varnishes I find!

Overall I'm very impressed with this £2 nail varnish, and next time I get a voucher I might explore more of their colours!

Let me know if you know of some nail varnishes which stay on during swimming!

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