Monday, 24 October 2011

New posts soon!!!

It's been so cold down this way recently, and it's obvious with the dark mornings and dark nights that winter has definitely set in.

I love winter, the big coats, jumpers, hot chocolate and snuggling over the duvet.  However, as much as I love winter, it does pose a problem to a blogger like myself.

My posts mainly rely on photos, taken in daylight.  I'm working full time at the moment, so it means it's dark when I leave, and dark when I get back.  All this means it's really difficult to take photos for my blog (in which you can actually see anything), so I'm struggling to keep the posts coming!

Hopefully this will be soon resolved, as I've ordered myself a light tent, so hopefully I'll be able to take pictures at night, and get my blog back on track!!!

So please bear with me through this seasonal change! 

Bryony x

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