Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Essie Smooth Sailing

I haven't painted my nails for absolutely ages!!! I was nursing a few breaks with patches for a little while, but in the end I gave up and just cut them all short!

I've been waiting to get a little bit of length back on them before I painted them again, but got bored of looking at  plain nails!

In my desperate attempt to cling onto summer - despite being currently in a jumper and shivering because it's so cold, I chose a colour I had been eyeing up for a little while before buying it.  Essie Smooth Sailing is from their summer 2011 Braziliant collection.

Smooth Sailing is a gorgeous cornflower/pale lavender blue with a stunning silver micro-shimmer to it.  It applies like a creme, and was easily opaque in two coats.  The application really was like a dream, an easy two coats, and dried really quickly.  Even with the shimmer the final result was smooth to the touch.

The picture above shows the truly gorgeous micro-shimmer.  Although both my pictures make the colour look a little more bright blue than the pale blue/lilac that it actually is.

I just can't stop looking at my nails!  I'm looking forward to doing some nail art over this if it survives this evening at work!

I got mine on Amazon, as there aren't any shops near me that sell Essie colours.  I really would advise picking up this colour while you can as it really is beautiful!!

Are you still trying to cling onto summer by wearing bright colours? Would you wear this colour? Did you get any of the colours from the Essie Braziliant collection?

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