Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bobbi Brown - Organizer

I think my boyfriend was in slight despair over the fact that my makeup is usually strewn everywhere, in random collections of bags.  Having just splurged a bit of money on some new makeup (mostly Bobbi Brown), he thought I should have somewhere nice to store the new stuff (meanwhile I can leave the old stuff strewn everywhere!), and so very kindly bought me the Bobbi Brown Organizer.

Organizer - Closed

Having had a sneaky peak on the Bobbi Brown website to look at the price, I was a little bit shocked at the price of it! £46.50!  So I owed him a lot of thank you's for that (although I argue that I cook him a lot of dinners!).
Organizer - Empty (Excuse the grubby marks, it has had some use!)
The organizer itself is made out of black nylon, so is easily wipe-able if you do spill make-up on it.  It has 4 parts to it:

  • Brush Organizer - the website says it can hold seven brushes, it actually has 6 brush holders, but you can definitely fit more than one brush in each, like I have.  I did find however that my larger Body Shop Powder Brush doesn't fit, so as you can see from the next picture I just leave it loose!
  • It has two small zippable (is that a word?!) mesh sections.  I use one for my blusher and bronzer, and then one for mascara, eyebrow pencil, a couple of eyeshadows, tweezers etc.
    These sections are removable via poppers, so definitely easy to pull one out to pop in your handbag - great idea in my view!
  • The section in the other side, is quite a large mesh zipped section.  This is deep enough to hold a foundation bottle easily.  I also jam mine full with eye-cream, compact powders, eyeshadow and eyeliner pots - plenty of room in there!

Organizer full(ish) - amazingly even with all of this in it, it still closes easily!

Quite impressively it can hold a lot of stuff!!!!!!  Obviously it can't hold ALL of my makeup, but it can definitely hold the essentials, plus the brush organizer is great!  I use it to keep all of my everyday makeup at hand, and it would definitely be great to takeaway on holiday or a trip away.

Overall, despite the price tag, I really am impressed with it! I guess I'll have to keep cooking the boyfriend dinner for a while longer!

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting this organizer so badly! Can't wait for it but then I find it is so expensive for being a makeup bag anyway.. But yet it's so pretty! Thanks for your review and looking forward to your visit on my blog ^^

    "I" is for Isabel xx


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