Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bobbi Brown Lip Colour - Roseberry

So my last visit to the Bobbi Brown counter also ended up with me coming away with a new lipstick.  Lipstick is a relatively new thing to me, as I have never really felt confident enough to try and pull off any colour on my lips, so usually just stuck to lip balm.  I've always really wanted to though, so when the assistant suggested that I try a lipstick I jumped at the opportunity, and after trying out a couple of colours, she matched me up to Roseberry.

Bobbi Brown - Roseberry
Roseberry is from Bobbi Brown's Lip Colour collection, so as such offers high coverage, with a creamy texture and a semi-matte finish.  I like it as it's a really easily build-able colour, allowing you to wear it as a stain or a full coverage lip colour.

Swatched heavily on my hand.
Roseberry is a good description of the actual colour, a mix between a dark rose and a raspberry colour.  It has a warmth from a brown undertone, but also carries a lot of pink. Think of it as a brown raspberry! You can see the semi-matte/light shine in the swatch.

My lips - just lanolips for comparison
My lips using Roseberry as a light stain
So far I have only had the confidence to wear it as a stain, applying it rather lightly as you can see in the picture.  However I think for me, it is a good introduction into wearing brighter colours, and when I work up to wearing it full coverage I will be sure to post a picture!

What's your favourite feel good lipstick?  Do you wear bright lipstick everyday?  What other introductory lipsticks would you suggest?

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