Thursday, 29 September 2011

Nails Inc - Little Miss Naughty

Number 3 of 4 in the Nails Inc Little Miss collection is Little Miss Naughty.  I think that out of the Little Miss(s), Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Naughty are most probably the most well known.

Little Miss Naughty is exactly that, anything she can do that's even slightly naughty then she will do it.  I think all of us has that mischievous side to us!

Nails Inc Little Miss Naughty - Copyright Nails Inc

As expected, the Little Miss Naughty polish is purple, a bright naughty purple!  The packaging is of course the same as the others in the collection, with images of Little Miss Naughty on the backing card, and one on the front of the bottle.

Application of this was easy, two coats and it was opaque.  I changed to using Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coat, and this worked amazingly compared to the OPI Start to Finish.  Its a gorgeous purple cream that is really intensely pigmented.

The picture of the bottle in the packaging is possibly a slightly more accurate colour representation, as on the nails it definitely has a more red undertone than blue.  So I guess the colour is a mixture between the two pictures.  It has an amazingly glossy vinyl finish even without a top coat.

It's a really fun colour to wear, and I certainly enjoyed wearing it!!!!

Nails Inc Little Miss Naughty is out of stock at the moment, but here is a link to it on the Nails Inc website.

Only one more in the collection left to show you.....hope you're excited!

Bryony x

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