Monday, 7 November 2011

Boots Botanics - Senstive Cleansing Wipes

So, part 2 of working through my six bargain Boots Botanics items!  Today is the turn of the Sensitive Cleansing wipes.

Boots Botanics Sensitive Cleansing Wipes - Packet
Boots Botanics Sensitive Cleansing Wipes - Close-up
To be honest, there's not a whole lot to say about these.  I'm sure you've all used a cleansing wipe at some point!  These are really gentle wipes and not irritating in the slightest.  They're the usual face wipe material, but seem to be a bit dryer than standard face wipes.  As such, I found that although they removed most of my makeup, they didn't really clean my pores out and weren't very good at removing my mascara.  They do however keep my skin feeling soft, and don't seem to dry it out at all.

Whilst I don't use face wipes all the time, I find that they are useful for nights when you're just too tired to remove your makeup properly before bed.  However with these, they can only really be used on a light makeup/makeup free day if you want a fully clean face.

Would I buy them again?  Well actually, yes!  Whilst they don't get me completely makeup free, they have to be the least irritating wipes for my skin that I have tried yet, so purely on the basis of keeping my skin from getting angry when I'm feeling lazy, then yes I would certainly buy them again.

Here's the ingredients from the packet for those who are interested:
Boots Botanics Sensitive Cleansing Wipes - Ingredients
Bryony x

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