Friday, 11 November 2011

Chanel - Graphite

I'm pretty sure that everyone who loves nail polish, will have seen Chanel Graphite by now, but I wanted to add my backing to this gorgeous colour!

Chanel Graphite
Graphite is my first ever Chanel nail polish, and I was very lucky to be bought it by my boyfriend as a treat - I think me oggling it every time we walked past a Chanel counter was quite a big hint!

Chanel Graphite
Chanel Graphite is a gorgeous metallic foil type nail polish.  It has a silver base, with a really fine gold micro-glitter/shimmer that just makes the polish glow!  I hope the next two pictures show the colour well - its a silver base, but when it catches the light in certain ways or falls into shadow you can really see the gold side to it.

Chanel Graphite - Silver

Chanel Graphite - Gold

Chanel polishes are not the cheapest unfortunately - at around £17.50 - but Chanel Graphite makes a gorgeous treat.  It is unfortunately Limited Edition, so is going to become quite hard to get hold of.  So keep your eyes peeled and if you see one snap it up!

Bryony x

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