Monday, 21 November 2011

Nails Inc - The Wyndham & Kensington

Ahhhhh! I'm currently in the middle of house hunting - and what a nightmare that is!  Everything out this way is so much more expensive than where I'm from.  What would get you a 3 bed-house back home, only gets you a bedsit here - so annoying!

But onto something slightly less stressful....nail varnish!  Today I'm showing you a duo set that I picked up on QVC quite a while ago, but didn't get around to posting about.  It's now been officially released - albeit under a different name, so I figured now would be a good time to show it to you.

This is the Nails Inc duo set of The Wyndham and Kensington.  This is known as the Gossip Girl Blair Collection on the Nails Inc website.

Kensington is a blackened green-blue/teal polish.  The picture above shows only one coat.  I'm sure with slightly better application you could get this opaque in one coat.  However I didn't mind the patchiness, as it makes it easier to see the green hue of this colour, and also with a special effects overcoat on top you can't exactly notice it!  The application was great, it applied easily and without any dragging.

The picture above and below show Kensington with one coat of The Wyndham special effects overglaze.  The Wyndham is a stunning flakey polish, which shines from blue to green.  The coverage was even and easy, and dried easily too.

This picture shows just one coat of each polish with no top coat.  I was impressed at how glossy and smooth the overall finish was!  The wear was good on this polish, and it survived more than the usual two days my polish normally lasts before I destroy it at work!

This really is a stunning duo set, and I'm sure the overglaze would look great over other colours too.  You can find the set on the Nails Inc website here.

Bryony x

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